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3rd Jan 2018

First and foremost, you should have hygrometers in your house to tell you what your humidity is. I keep mine around 50%.

I have a 2700 sq ft home and have three of these units.

Honeywell HCM-6009 QuietCare 9-Gallon Console Humidifier with Air Washing Technology https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000G0LDRI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_IOftAbW25P070

The price on amazon right now seems high. Try to find it for around $75.

Yes whole home units are the way to go but these keep my whole home comfortable.

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16th Oct 2018

Oh yes. Colorado is so bad because with the cold and natural dryness the heated air approaches 0% humidity. Especially with gas-forced-air heating like most of us here have.

Suggestion. Don’t get an ultrasonic or a heated one. Those can be nice for short term use in a bedroom, but they don’t really put very much moisture into the air. Evaporative humidifiers are significantly more effective. I use this one which is Honeywell branded and has been around forever…


Mine runs full time for a 2,600 sf home and does quite well. It’s a bit noisy so you want it out of the way if possible. The 3 gallon tank will get emptied in about 8 hours when it’s really dry, so it puts a lot of moisture in the air. Replacement filters are cheap and easy to get because this unit is so popular. This will be the 4th year I’ve run mine and not a spot of trouble.

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11th Sep 2017

I know the one I got is one I’m happy with. It was really big, holds a lot of water, which means you don’t need to fill it a lot, and it humidifies really well. On the fast mode especially, it does make some decent noise though. It also has a few fan settings, and it has a sensor so that it turns on/off as needed.

Some other ones use more sort of evaporation, which is more silent, but smaller capacity and humidifies less. So, it’s hard for me to say what’s the best for you in your particular situation. I haven’t tried them all myself.

The one I got is this one:


It serves my purposes well. It does have a giant filter in it that needs replacing every so often, and a little rattle doomahickey as well, but I haven’t bothered yet, personally. Idk how frequently you are supposed to change them but I have washed out my filter, and it cleaned really well.

Anyway those are the things to watch out for imo, replaceable parts, how much humidify power you get, and how much you need for your space, how much capacity for water it takes iow, how often you will need to refill it, and how much noise it makes.

Your space is smaller and more closed off than mine, so maybe something smaller would be ok for you. Sorry I can’t be more helpful than that.

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20th Dec 2016

We bought a whole house humidifier last year (that attaches to the ductwork) but because my furnace is in the vented attic (horrible design) it just doesn’t seem to work well. A couple days ago I ordered this one
so I’ll try to get back to this thread to evaluate it.

I was torn between the honeywell and the vornado posted in this thread, we’ll see how it does for the ~1000 sq ft house

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28th Jan 2015

I’d highly recommend a humidifier. I just moved to an extremely cold and dry area in northern Canada. I noticed a huge increase in the amount of static, and my skin and nose were noticeably dry. I bought a Honeywell humidifier from Costco with a big capacity (similar to this: http://www.amazon.com/Honeywell-QuietCare-Humidifier-HCM-6009-9-Gallon/dp/B000G0LDRI/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1422412704&sr=8-3&keywords=honeywell+humidifier) and noticed a huge difference within the day. It holds a couple gallons, so once you get the humidity up to around 40%, the containers last for a solid 24-36 hours before you need to refill, and it keeps the whole house at that level. Keep in mind – you have to clean or replace the filters with most humidifiers every couple weeks or months, depending on your water mineral/bacterial content, and a bit of bacteriostat in the water every other fill helps to prevent mold and algae buildup.