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HON Exposure Mesh Task Computer Chair with 2-Way Adjustable Arms for Office Desk, Black (HVL721), Back?

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24th Aug 2021

You can find plenty of HON office chairs on Amazon that offer good back support.

These will be in the $300+ range.

here’s one

You didn’t really say what kind of chair or what your price range is, so I’m just throwing darts in the dark.

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18th Sep 2020

Yup! You’ll tend to see them at Staples and the like. They’re the better option for that level of furniture. Wirecutter has an office chair guide that you may find helpful.

The HON Exposure unfortunately seems to be going for around double what it should cost right now. I don’t know what the Costco options near you are, but if they have a HON with height/width adjustable armrests, that’d probably be the way to go.

That said, if your options are a $400 HON or a $400 La-Z-Boy… those unauthorized internet retailers selling cheap Steelcase chairs start to look a bit more attractive, even if they’re lower-quality refurbs. But I’d look into lightly used from a local office surplus store first.

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15th Dec 2020

I bought two of these and am pretty happy with it. Use it all day for work, then go home (across the house) and use another one to play games in.