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HOMURY Computer Desk for Home Office,44″ Writing Table for Small Space, Natural?

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16th Jul 2019

Performance: First impressions so far, wow this thing is a dream boat, no problems so far with a full day of usage. I also ordered some HyperGlides, but even the stock feet are really nice to where I may not put them on for a little while. No defects detected as of now, but I will update this post just incase there are any later down the line. Also not pictured I have a Razor dual mouse pad, which makes this mouse literally lighting fast. The weight is so much lighter than I expected too! I do hope that since I use this with my MacBook + monitor setup that they will create a compatible driver for it later down the line, but for gaming, everything works so well when i switch from my productivity setup to my gaming setup.


Shipping: Highly worth it! I was getting irritated with the wait time, ordered in Wave 4, June 6th, Arrived July 15th, earlier than expected shipping date by a couple days. (June 15th expected shipping date, but I do believe this means you should have your item by June 15th.) Customer service was helpful in terms of communicating well with your order and was never rude at all when trying to convey arrival time.


Keyboard: Anne Pro 2 (Purchased on Amazon, Khail Box White Switches)

Mouse: Matte Model-O

Desk: Amazon Homury Computer Desk Office Desk Wood Study Writing Soho Desk Table for Home Office,White