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Hometec Lift N Sift Cat Litter Tray?

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20th Aug 2017

Is this or this what you were asking for?

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13th Mar 2017

It’s meant to be used in a double-tray system, eg. https://www.amazon.com/Hometec-Lift-Sift-Litter-Tray/dp/B000X93CSA

Solids are scooped out. When the the pellets get wet, they break down into sawdust and drop to the undertray after it’s shaken.

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30th Jan 2016


It even uses the text:
>Uses two pans and a sifting tray to create a perpetual litter box self-cleaning system

Just like the ‘perpetual’ system they advertise.
It was even on the telly with an advert, it’s been around 10 years.


Multi tray sifter, this one on Amazon.

Multi tray sifter on alibaba


Honestly, I think the kickstarter design with the rounded corners is nicer looking, but you can already get three piece sifting trays.