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Homedics Carbon Fiber Glass Bathroom Scale, Large Platform Measures 13″ Square, Accurate up to 400 Lbs?

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6th May 2019


I’ve been using this one for 2 months now and I love it. It doesn’t connect to apps or websites, just a regular digital scale. I agree that it’s kinda weird too haha.

-Pro: Has a lb/kg button on the back. Very simple
-Pro/Con: Super duper sturdy/Because it’s quite heavy, when it comes to some older/disabled folks it could be rough but I appreciate that it’s the opposite of my old cheapo plastic scale
-Pro/Con: It has one “ready to read” beep indicating for you to step off which I like but could be annoying for you if that sound is a peeve of yours.
-Con: I paid $10 less in person at Bed, Bath, Beyond so the price tag may be too high on Amazon at $40 for some folks. Still think it’s worth it and I hope Amazon ships to your location.
-Pro: It’s instant turn on/off so no tapping my foot twice to activate it like my old scale lol
-Pro: Uses 3 AAA batteries vs. those weird circle coin type of batteries. Apparently AA/AAA have different names across the world but it appears to be a universal battery type.
-Pro: Backlight and really easy to read even without my glasses and has a super large platform so anyone can fit on it(accurate up to 400 lbs)

It’s the best scale I’ve ever used after going through a crappy digital one and an old school analog one way back.

Scale pro tip(found in instructions for my scale): If you leave your scale in a permanent spot(bathroom, kitchen, etc.) that’s level you can use it after one reading. However if you’re like me and don’t keep the scale in the bathroom due to spacing issues, make sure to take two readings.

After I take it out of the box in the closet I take a calibration reading which is usually correct but sometimes up to 5 lbs off my true weight. Then the second reading is the correct one. You can take a 3rd and 4th reading but they’re always the same as the 2nd. Scales have to adjust to being on a level surface so don’t trust the first reading if you’re in my situation.