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HOME ACCENT FURNISHINGS New Full Over Loft Black Metal Framed Bed?

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16th Feb 2022

I would look into either loft beds with room for the dresser underneath (example, another example, DIY example) or a storage bed (this one looks cool! or a DIY version). I’m not sure of your budget, but there are also tutorials online about how to loft your own bed w/ Ikea storage units underneath. Most seem to require access from the long side of the bed, which might not work for your space.

I’d purchase some woven wood shades like this that you just measure and install yourself (it isn’t hard to do, just a few screws!) to help reduce the clutter by the windows. Then you can utilize the shelf-like space in the window nook to store some frequently used items in woven rattan baskets (like these).

Lastly, this article has some great ideas: for the wardrobe portion (scroll down to “If You Don’t Have a Closet, Make One!) + lighting (scroll to “Think Outside the Box…”) + shelves on the wall!