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25th Jan 2017

Are you allowed to plug in a small air purifier at your desk? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0000DK35B/ref=psdc_510192_t1_B0000TMDY2

On the low setting they’re usually really quiet. The one we put in our bedroom makes a huge difference with musty smells.

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4th Oct 2016

Yeah, it can be irritating. But if your room isn’t too big, you could buy an air filter to clear away some of the dust.

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4th Sep 2016

A liquid cooler isn’t going to fix your dust problem – you typically install the fans on the radiator as intake, so you’ll be sucking in outside air anyway. Magnetic dust filters are a good idea, or maybe you can pick up something like this to cut down on dust near your PC.

Other than that, dust is just a problem no matter what, and you’ll need to clean our your PC every once in a while.

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5th Jan 2016

I don’t know what an income purifier is. For pm2.5 if it’s really bad you want a normal mechanical air filter with a HEPA filter or an Ionic filter. Ionic filters do create ozone however, so if you’re susceptible to ozone it’s not the best choice. I have this one at the office right now. You can get a combination of plants to deal with bad air pretty effectively as well, but most people prefer a small air purifier to a whole bunch of plants.

Boss’ son. That complicates things… Whatever you do, save that email if he tries to fuck you.

I’m not even sure I’d confront him considering his connections. Buy a little air cleaner fan thinggy and if he comes by your cubicle, just point that out.

Something like this: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0000DK35B/ref=psdc_510192_t1_B0000TMDY2

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22nd Aug 2019

Fixed: First off, thank you guys so much for your advice. This forum is a huge boon to owning a photon. Passing it forward, the problem was solved after I did the following:

1) Cleaning the dust out of the room the printer was in and buying an Air purifyier/filter for $50 on Amazon and setting it up so it was right next to the printer, sucking air from underneath the printer where the intake fan is.

2) After cleaning the room, I bought a bottle of Elegoo Gray. See Here. This stuff is amazing.

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4th Oct 2015

> Ok, I’m a little confused by what you mean as SLI navigation?

Just the interface. The MOBO I have is called SLI Krait. In this case, yes the UEFI Bios, or the barebones settings and mgmt of the PC coming from the MOBO.

I don’t have two video cards, only one.

>The baseclock info would be in the overclocking menu if you have one usually, else it’ll be on the default 100Mhz in which case that isn’t the problem.

I will look into this to double check.

>When you say you have options to change the speed of the HDDs, what option are those? If it’s options like PIO or ACPI/IDE they wouldn’t cause problems, just make the HDD faster or slower but not in a bad way.

I will have to get familiar with my UEFI to look into this further.

>What’s this filter fan you mention? like a HEPA filter or something? I’ve known PCs and consoles have random errors and it turned out that it only kicked off when the other thing plugged in turned on, e.g. Once had a console that kept resetting, thought it was broken, turned out it was because of the freezer plugged in on the same strip: every time the freezer motor turned on, the console turned off.

The filter fan, I’m assuming you mean the fan at the back-side. It’s the original fan that came with the case. I don’t think i have any other specific settings to it other than it’s directly plugged from the PSU. Again, I will re-cable these. (I only have one computer to work on so it’ll take some time, this is the computer that we’re discussing about, I’m on it at the moment, and still have projects to cram before doing further steps.)

>It does sound like there’s a wiring problem in the house, turning on an AC or light should not trip the other outlet, something’s wrong there.

  • Wall 1, has the surge + PC and additional. It also has the A/C on it, but it never turned off turning something on. Except for Wall 2.

  • Wall 2, is basically just the simple router. When I turn on the switch on this wall, sometimes this outlet gives out, and have to press the little button to get the green button on.

Asides from the brown outs, these are the issues I came across with.

>Does it happen if you distribute some things from the outlet currently being used on to the other outlet to distribute the power drawn between the two outlets?

I never really extend additional appliances with the two outlets. The usual is the PC, lamps, A/C, heater, filter and chargers.

>By play I mean, if you grab the HDD and try and wobbling it, does it move at all?

No wobbles, tightly secured.

>Looking at your speccy link… I’m assuming that there’s a problem somewhere because your DDR3 ram should not be going at 666MHz, more like 1600MHz!

Why do you think this is? Maybe I’m not using the extent of the RAM’s power?

>The air filter and speaker are probably far enough away but it’s hard to tell tbh, depends on that air filter really, does it have a decent sized electric motor in it? They can chuck out some interference.

It’s a small portable air-filter. Though, it can draw some power out. I remember now, sometimes, when I turn the filter into the Optional Ionizer mode the whole outlet/power turns off, this is why I was always careful with it. **This is actually a good pointer, I should switch this filter to the other wall, perhaps.* Yes, its a HEPA type filter.

>How expensive was the surge protector?

About $60-80, it’s the CyberPower 825VA / 450W Intelligent LCD Battery Backup UPS ordered.

>Does it have a green and red light on it? Some cheaper units will save you from one power surge and then that’s it for them but don’t indicate that they have lost protection ability.

Another good question, I’ll add this to my notes and will see what this is about.

>I’m beginning to think that the problem is related to your house’s wiring, though with the UPS and surge protector you should be good.

You might be right. This is what I suspected before, but I’ve had numerous people tell me that this shouldn’t be the problem. I think it’s half and half with the MOBO, PSU, and outlet.

>Do you or anyone you know have an RCD device? It looks like a plug with a “test” button that tests electrical sockets for earth protection. It might be possible you have a floating earth connection somewhere and that might be causing the issue, I’m no electrician but it’s worth testing. Also check all the wiring in your plugs, make sure the wires are securely screwed in. Has anything else in your flat had any weird symptoms?

The other roommate sometimes get outages when he plugs in too many devices on one wall. That certain wall turns off. RCD device, I do not know anyone has but may check as well

Here’s another look at my RAM from speccy