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Hokkaido Medicated Horse Oil Cream (Q10) 90g?

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10th Nov 2017

No problem! Don’t worry, I’m also pretty new to AHA/BHA/other acids haha I just started about two weeks ago but I assure you the results are showing for me for sure. For AHA don’t forget to protect your skin with sunscreen! BHA i heard it’s not mandatory but wearing sunscreen is always good. I’m probably going to incorporate BHA soon into my routine in the near future as well.

For moisturizer, I use a Hokkaido Horse Oil Cream I got during my trip to Japan in this super specific spot in Hokkaido, like, most of the time you literally can’t find it anywhere but that one spot in Japan LOL they don’t really export it anywhere. I did find an amazon link though: https://www.amazon.com/Hokkaido-Medicated-Horse-Oil-Cream/dp/B00K7QW0W8

It’s sooo overpriced on amazon but it is indeed the best moisturizer I’ve used in my life. I then layer on the horse oil cream with a thick layer of oils since the weather is changing here and it’s getting drier and colder. I use argan oil + castor oil and the next morning my face is all nice and supple.

I definitely do recommend oils as moisturizer though! It’s affordable and even though you look oily at night I wake up feeling really fresh and hydrated.

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28th Mar 2017

According to this description from Amazon it contains deep sea shark.