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HK GAMING GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 60 Percent | 61 RGB Rainbow LED Backlit Programmable Keys | USB Wired | for Mac and Windows PC | Hotswap Gateron Mechanical Brown Switches | Black?

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1st Sep 2021

According to this Amazon version,

>Gateron mechanical switches can be hotswapped at wish and replaced by other switches. Hot swap keyboard do not require you to solder / desolder switches.

So it looks like it is hotswap supported. You could always initiate a return from them for false information if it’s not. Note that optical hotswap boards are not compatible with mechanical switches.

Edit: If possible, I’d recommend finding your board through a smaller retailer to support the KB community more directly 🙂

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12th Sep 2021

For wireless? No.

At $59.99 you could get a GK61 but only in black and with Optical Brown switches. https://www.amazon.com/HK-Gaming-Mechanical-Illuminated-Programmable/dp/B08NG616LR?th=1

If you wanted any other case colour and actual brown switches, it’ll cost $10-30 more.