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HK Gaming Dye Sublimation Keycaps | Cherry Profile | Thick PBT Keysets for Mechanical Keyboard (139 Keys, Bee)?

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3rd Jan 2021

Can’t you get UK iso keycaps and tell windows it’s a UK keyboard? I thought that’s how it works?

I know there are different shaped keys but there re compatible keyao sets e.g.https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08BKRW2Z4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_3zC8Fb4GTFHW7?psc=1

I thought that was the whole point of these mechanical keyboards. What have I missed?

These will do you if you remap the right Ctrl to any spare 1u keycap lolol. It’s mad bc HK Gaming make the Durgod and the keycaps sets but don’t sell enough keys for their boards.



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5th Oct 2021

To add, https://www.amazon.com//dp/B08BKRW2Z4?th=1

I currently have the Bee Color of those on a K6 and it blends very well. On other small form factor keyboards the enter key and esc key become awkward as the only blue but with the K6 just those 4 more keys really balance it out well.

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29th Sep 2020

Thank you! The board is a Space65 Cyber Voyager in White Gold and the keycaps are the Bee set from HKGaming

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6th Oct 2020

Any Cherry-compatible keycaps will fit on the K2, which are a vast majority of the keycaps you find on Amazon or the Mechanical Keyboard enthusiast sites (KBDFans, etc). The Cherry-compatible keycaps have a cross-shaped stem

The other main aftermarket keycaps are for Topre and Alps keyboards, but those are difficult to find in the first place and look very different than Cherry keycaps. Topre keycaps have a circle-shaped stem and Alps have a thin, rectangle-shaped stem. These keysets are rare because the keyboards themselves are pretty rare, so it would be pretty difficult to accidentally order Topre or Alps keycaps.

So, most Cherry-compatible keysets will work great on the K2. The only thing you need to look out for on the K2 especially is making sure the set has a 1.75U (in other words, the key is 1.75 times as wide as a standard square keycap) shift key, and that the set has some extra 1U keycaps for the 1U-sized Command/Alt/Ctrl cluster to the right of the spacebar.

Most aftermarket sets have the 1.75U shift key, but the 1U Cmd/Alt/Ctrl keys are more difficult to find, especially with Mac shortcuts.

This set from HK Gaming is really great quality and color and contains all the alternates you need if you’re OK with the 1U to the right of the space bar saying ‘Win’ instead of the Command icon.