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27th Sep 2017

Unfortunately, this is a limitation with Photoshop, it will react erratically if touch and pen are handled at the same time, resulting on being unable to use held down virtual key. This behaviour can be tested my holding touching an area of Photoshop with a finger, hold the [alt] key on a physical keyboard (or any other key, say [e]), and try to draw with the pen at the same time; you will notice that Photoshop will not process the pen.

Note that the above behaviour does not happen in Clip Studio Paint (for non-modifier keys), so I was able to work with touch and pen at the same time on that application.

In order to use the eye dropper with touch in photoshop you have following alternatives available:

  • Use the 1 second delay option in Tablet Pro. The devs actually devised that option for this situation. It will hold down the [alt] key long enough so that you can tap (not hold down) the [virtual alt] key, and operate on the canvas. You will be in eyedropper mode for a minimum of 1 second or as long as the pen touches the canvas.

    • Drawback: Slight change of habit.
  • Create a button bound to [i]. It’s the default button to access the eye dropper tool in Photoshop.

    • Drawback: You’ll need to switch back to your brush manually.

Or, you could buy one of these little guys, or maybe switch to CSP if you’re ready to do the leap when I’ll get my tool ready.