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10th Apr 2015

M70x is definitely not worth the money. It’s not foldable like M50x, the headpad doesn’t cover the whole head, and there’s not that a big difference in term of sound quality between them to be honest. For $300, I’d highly recommend HiFiMan HE 400, one of, if not the best headset in range $400. About the mic, Blue Yeti would be great, but if you want a cheaper solution, Modmic 4.0 will work just fine.

The choice is yours!

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17th Mar 2015

Take your time and get yourself to a high end audio demo place in your area and take a listen to their selection. Start with Headphones and go around to speakers in different price ranges. I would say the biggest upgrade in sound in my opinion, and it’s easily noticeable is when you start getting into Planar Magnetic speakers and headphones such as http://www.amazon.com/HiFiMAN-HE400-HiFiMan-HE-400-Headphones/dp/B007ZG32I4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1426598282&sr=8-1&keywords=he-400 these and even the cheapest Magnepan speakers.

When people say super clear, they are probably referring to detail and sound stage of the speaker and it’s hard to put into words what you’re hearing and how it’s different to what you’re used to hearing. It’s like trying to describe 144hz to people that have been using 60hz forever, people can’t see it getting any better than 60hz for monitors, until you see one for yourself. You could watch videos all day on 144hz monitors through your 60hz display and never actually see the difference or Watching 4k video on a 1080p native display. You just won’t see the difference unless you go and take a look. I would say start with entry-level audiophile headphones first if you’re actually interested in higher end audio. Something like the Audio-Technica M50s or M50Xs

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16th Nov 2015

You can find the HE-400 on Amazon here. The HE-400s isn’t great IMO and the 400i would probably need a more expensive amp and costs more itself.

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1st Oct 2015

In short closed headphones have a closed back allowing for a more private listening session at reduced sound stage. Open headphones allow noise from outside to come in and others to hear your sound but have a large sound stage (Honestly I think open headphones sound far better than closed). Linus Tech tips has a short tech quickie on the differences found here

Since you like more EDM, DNB and Dubstep type music I would suggest something with a V shaped sound curve which means emphasis on the Lows and highs of the headphones.

Open Headphones

Personaly I think the HE 400 (which are discontinued but can be found at $299 used on amazon or used at around $200 on ebay or /r/avexchange). Is a fantastic headphone because of its crazy good sub bass. These headphones are however a bit heavy and may be straining to use for some people (I’m weird and find heavy headphones comfortable) or something like the Philips Fedilo x2 which have gained a lot of favor around here. However both of these headphones could really use an amp to drive them to their full potential something inexpensive like the Fiio e10K is more than enough to power these headphones.

Closed Headphones

I personally do not have much experience as I have said I have tried out closed phones like Beats (which are in no shape or form worth the money), Vmoda M-100’s and Mr.Speaker Mad dogs. Out of these I would say that the Mr Speaker Mad dogs are the best at around $270

others People have recomended to me but I have yet to listen to are the:


This and as the theme of this post has been depends on your needs in a microphone. If you need something to save desk space and is convenient you can check out the Mod Mic which attaches to your headphones and can be removed when you don’t need to use it.

If desk space is not an issue I would recommend something like the the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB is a fantastic inexpensive microphone that allows you to connect via both USB and XLR if you get a Mixer or audio interface in the future.

Now this all brings around the high end of your budget (about $450 and under). If you would like a cheaper setup we could also look into that.

Feel free to ask any other questions as well!

Edits: I really needed to proof read this holy molie!

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19th Sep 2015

Hey man, if you like having no money, it might be time to start frequenting /r/headphones. Maybe get some HE-400s and a little cMoyBB amp to start your bass journey. Though, with your noisy roommates, closed back would be better, so probably DT-770s.

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18th Aug 2015

HE-400 are what I’m aiming for now actually. Just one correction, their $250 on Amazon. Unless you meant the 400i?

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12th Aug 2015

For starters OP, the O2/ODAC or Schiit stack (modi + magni). Those will set you back ~$200. As for the headphones HE-400, HE-400s, K701, Q701, DT880, DT990, AD900x, AD1000x and X2.

It depends on what kind of sound you want. Get yourself over to /r/headphones as well.

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27th Aug 2015

Budget: 400$ or £250.

Source: Iphone, PC.

Requirements for isolation: Don’t have any, can leak as much as they want, dont need to block outside sound.

Preferred type: Open, over ear.

Preferred music: Hip hop, trap, acoustic ( Only a little, mostly hip hop and trap.)

Previous headphones: Dt 990, honestly cant remember the sound that much, i remember liking it though.

Fidelio x2, too much sibilance for me but everything else on it is superb.

What i want: Comfort is a must! If i have enough i would probably just get the HM5 pads and put them on whatever i get.

I do NOT mind spending money on a pair of headphones + an amp, as long as its in budget. If im honest then replacable/removable cable and removable pads are a must.. everytime something breaks its always the cable with me, i take great care but i always end up snagging the cable on omething then it messes up the inside wiring, but if its just the cable that is broke then i dont mind shelling out a bit for a replacement cable.

I don’t want sibilance.

*Stuff im looking at *: Just gonna link amazon stuff.

HifiMan HE 400 + Magni 2 amp!

Not gonna link amazon for this because for this combo i would need to get a used pair, but its one of the hd 6xx paired up with a fiio e10k.

He 400s

There are more but i cant think of it off of the top of my head.

Please help!

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21st Jul 2015

> by pointing out that a cheaper alternative can work FINE for gaming

And there’s more expensive alternatives that work even better and are better in every regard.

> So, what pair do you have and what do you use it for?

Sony MDR-XB400. Bassy, uncomfortable shits. I use it for gaming and listening to music. As one can imagine, it’s not a pleasant experience.

I’ve tried HD518s and HD650s (vastly different) and holy-fucking-shit, trying those out for the few minutes that I did was like eating a 5-star grande buffet after eating the same chicken ram for all of your life – My ears have discovered a new world, one of which my wallet is completely decimated.

As of right now, I’m working on grabbing a pair of HE-400s (not to be confused with the HE-400S, but that’s still an option.) or something similar as a proper ‘ascendance’ into the quality audio world.

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25th Apr 2015

If you like bass heavy music, but also want something that is going to provide a pretty big sound stage for games and movies, I love my HiFi Man HE-400’s.