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HiFi 5″ inch 80W Full Range Bookshelf Passive Loudspeaker Home Theater System?

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22nd Oct 2020

So I found these on Amazon on Prime Day, and decided to buy them. They are… unique.

They cannot be powered correctly with low power amplifiers like my 10W JLH1969, but also aren’t really dynamic speakers either when powered by 900W Crown XLi 1500 in bridged mono.

They need to be heard at 15 degrees of toe in to get the full-range imaging. Their mids aren’t too bad, but their bass, which is mostly done by the passive radiator, sounds tonally different than the full-range driver. There is probably a phase issue as well, as passive radiators are usually 180 degrees out of phase of the main driver. Their highs are really weird, you hear some harmonics of cymbals, but not others. This is probably due to driver size and the whizzer cone.

I did take a few measurements via HouseCurve on my old iPhone.

JBL LSR 305 MK1 for comparison

Grille On

Grille Off

Filling top part of the box with R-6.7 fiberglass.