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Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair: Tilt Limiter – Stationary Seat Depth – Fixed Arms – Standard Carpet Casters – Fog Base/Studio White Frame?

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20th Feb 2018

Excellent job with everything. Love it.

My only criticism is personal (and unreasonable) hate for those gaming chairs, probably because I’m an industrial designer. They are so visually disruptive, functionally ridiculous, and ergonomically poor. They are modeled after race car seats designed to hold drivers in place during turns with lateral G forces. Completely useless for gaming/sitting at a desk. They seem to be really popular so obviously people like them, but I think its due to marketing.

Maybe you love it and wont replace it but anyone else thinking of buying one, I’d recommend something else made for sitting at a desk with proper ergonomic support.

Recommendations at various price points:



My favorite: https://www.amazon.com/Herman-Miller-Sayl-Task-Chair/dp/B00OBWBZ7K?th=1

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24th Jul 2015

DX racer is eh, I used those at a lan center and a group of us used them at CES, the genereral consensus wasn’t really impressed. i’d recommend, grab something like this it has degrees of tilt which is super important, go far back when watching a video, make it higher for regular use to keep good posture, it’s super comfortable and a third of the price of the competition purely because it doesn’t have fancy colors and a gaming brand.

Or if you have a larger budget, Best chair I have ever sat in:http://www.amazon.com/SAYL-Chair-Herman-Miller-Basic/dp/B00OBWBZ7K/ref=sr_1_67?s=furniture&ie=UTF8&qid=1437725716&sr=1-67