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Herman Miller Mirra 2 Ergonomic Office Chair with Standard Tilt and Fixed TriFlex Back Support | Fixed Seat Depth and Arms with Hard Floor Casters | Graphite Seat and Back?

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3rd Nov 2016

This will only work if it has the scale and variety of the US/UK Amazon.

On the USA site, you can buy literally anything – even food. You want a 20 cent USB cable delivered by tomorrow? No problem, we’ll ship it for free. Want a designer piece of furniture direct from the official supplier? Sure no problem, what colour and configuration would you like? When I bought it here in one of the country’s few dealerships, I could only get black or graphite at a big markup.

On the UK site, it’s the same – but same day deliveries are a thing because of the population density. But I guess since we’re a pretty urbanised country, it could work (1 warehouse in each capital city) There’s slightly less variety, but you can still buy all the name brands and relatively obscure things – but maybe not super-specific things from the thousands of independent artisans you find on Amazon USA.

But if it’s just a gimped version with a smaller range with an Australia tax (like how most retailers approach the Australian market) then it will fail here. I’m really hoping that I can get the online shopping experience and availability that I’m used to, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Heck, even Myer and David Jones have non-existent online retail. Their range is 25% of what’s actually in-store, just compare that against something like Neiman Marcus or John Lewis.