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Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair Lumbar Pad – Graphite – Size B?

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30th Aug 2021

the herman miller flagship store is at 251 park ave south – you can always find out if you can walk in and give it a try. then try to hunt down a used model.

there are also lumbar pads for this chair, various sizes – example:


solid ratings, whether that would help you or not tho…

the aeron is very high quality and i have no experience sitting on one.

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29th Dec 2020

Yes, I bought it from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000NT9PZ4/

but the one I had before that was the one that came with the chair and it tore the cushioning. I’ve thought about ordering direct from Herman Miller website but it’s $95 which is ridiculous for a pad and it’ll probably tear apart again anyway. Almost better to buy a whole new chair but if there’s such a major design flaw how am I supposed to know the remastered version won’t have another flaw?