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11th Apr 2016

For me the price just wasn’t worth it; I ordered it off Amazon and immediately regretted it, hit cancel and never looked back.

I got a scale off Amazon by Etekcity which was 29.99 and has now gone down a few bucks (https://www.amazon.ca/Etekcity-Digital-Bathroom-Weight-Scale/dp/B013SSG1EY). It doesn’t have body fat measurement, but from what I hear the Aria body fat measurement sucks anyway.

It’s very quick, very accurate and looks nice. Comes with a battery, just open the package, turn it on and you’re ready to go. The incredibly tiny amount of effort required to input this one number into your app is truly negligible.

Edit PS: I also got a super cheap kitchen scale from the same company to facilitate measuring while cooking rather than the less accurate volume measurements I was using at the time. Best investment ever.

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1st Mar 2016

F 23 5’1″/ CW:216 / GW:125

I’m really proud of myself for not over eating all the delicious homemade custard I made the house in the fridge! Also anxiously awaiting the bathroom scale I ordered myself to track my goals. (I got this one!) So far I’m on the 3rd day of taking this really seriously again and I’m going to try to post in these as often as I can to keep on track.