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Headphones for Kids by CozyPhones, Headband Earphones for Children, Baby, & Toddlers 1-3. Stretchy & Comfy for Home, Plane & Car Travel – Mystic Unicorn?

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16th Dec 2021

We did a 24 hour flight with my two year old a few months back, also moved countries. Turned out to be 30+ hours door-to-door.

Make sure to prep her for the long flight and talk about it before going. How she’ll sleep on the plane, eat, and have her very own seat. Make it exciting for her.

Have her bring a stuffed animal for the journey (and have a backup packed, just in case). Stickers, notebook, and a pencil to keep her busy.

Pack plenty of snacks. Fruit pouches are amazing for airplanes, puffs, dried fruit, and anything else she likes. I packed a peanut butter sandwich too, just in case she doesn’t like the food on the plane.

Download some shows on your device for her to watch (you’ll also have in-flight entertainment so the shows aren’t totally necessary). Get her some headphones for the flight– these style headphones are great for toddlers: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01K8U9MCI/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_4Y9XDM73XWH5R996KETF

The 3 hour connection is perfect. Gives you just enough time to grab a meal during the layover and get her changed.

She will probably end up sleeping for most of it, tbh. You’ll both do great, you got this!

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9th Mar 2020

I have these saved in Amazon. I have most likely seen it mentioned here before.