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HDMI KVM Switch,4K 30Hz with 2 Port USB,Support Keyboard Mouse Switching for Linux, Windows, Mac, PS4?

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3rd Oct 2021

I’ve got my work laptop and home computer connected to the same monitors/peripherals. The computers are just plugged directly into the monitors, I let the monitors switch inputs automatically (I don’t use the computers at the same time).

My keyboard/mouse are connected to both computers through this KVM. It’s worked great for over a year. Even supports a video signal, but it’s more convenient for me to let my monitors switch automatically.

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19th Nov 2020

There are “KVM” switches (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) out there; some are mechanical, and the better ones are electronic.

https://www.amazon.com/Switch-Support-Keyboard-Switching-Windows/dp/B07X9HHTD7/ref=asc_df_B07X9HHTD7/? — $30 USD