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Hawk Sports Lever Belt 10mm Powerlifting Belt for Men & Women Buckle Strongman Power Weight Lifting Weightlifting Belts (Black, S (26″-32″))?

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1st Oct 2021

It’s good to know what the belt your are buying is supposed to look like. The lever/buckle, the stitching, the finishing on the edges, what material is supposed to be on the inside/outside, etc. There are a bunch of pretty good knock-off belts on Amazon and the like, including some that claim to be “IPF approved.” In theory they may make it through an equipment check at a local meet simply because they look close enough, but who knows what the belt is actually made of. This is an example of an Inzer knock-off. Knock-offs are generally not quite right. The knock-off belt doesn’t have the same stitching as a legit Inzer belt and the lever is more rounded. If you sift through Amazon, there are a bunch of different “brands” that look identical to the knock-off with the exception on a little extra branding here and there, which means it’s likely a “white label brand” (made by a third party and branded to whoever wants to order in bulk).

All of this is a long way to say make sure you ask about the brand and model and then compare the look and specs to legit belts from a legit source like on the brand’s website.