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HATTEKER Mens Electric Shaver Razor Beard Trimmer Rotary Shaver Cordless Sideburn Trimmer Nose Trimmer Wet Dry Shaver Waterproof USB Rechargeable 3 in 1?

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11th Jun 2020

Oh hi, it’s you again. New username? I spy a new affiliate ID too — did your bernie420 Amazon account get banned too?

Saving the rest of you FMFers a click, here’s the direct link to the deal without the affiliate code:

>HATTEKER Mens Electric Shaver Razor Beard Trimmer

By the way, I did some research on these trimmers a couple of months back and it’s a Chinese company with bad customer service.

The ironic thing is that you would have made so much more money on another subreddit like /r/sneakerdeals where affiliate links are welcome. Someone I know made $96 from one single link and here you are wasting your time and reddit accounts.

I’m happy to waste your time as long as you keep posting here. I can do this all fucking day:

OP is a self-admitted spammer (even though they’re lying about the margins):

>I earn $0.1 per sale and $5 per day to meet by needs and fee. I am looking for you and promise will not post on politics.

They posted exclusively on political posts, specifically The Hill articles, until going dormant 6 months ago. Around the same time that this was happening:

>The Hill’s owner seeks potential buyers, investors

>Under fire for its role in promoting alleged Ukraine conspiracy theories, the D.C.-based publication faces new questions about its future.

Looks like the money from paid political posts has dried up and they are suddenly active again trying to promote their fake deals subreddit with referral links.

They’ve scrubbed their comment history, but it’s not my first time busting spam rings lmao. Here’s a screenshot of the previous sockpuppet’s comment history: https://i.imgur.com/oXAWWuQ.png

The moderators and participants of /r/activedeals are also sockpuppet accounts and the top 2 moderators also posted links from The Hill exclusively until 6-7 months ago. They went from fluent English with a deep understanding of American laws like this:

>This is blatant violation under Emolument clause.

To clunky English like this:

>Active Deals That Everyone Must Check

If you see any links to /r/activedeals, just report it as spam. With enough reports, the admins may finally flag the accounts.