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Hario V60 Plastic Coffee Dripper, Size 02, White?

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28th Dec 2016

Just buy one of the plastic V60s. No need to spend a lot, they are only about 5 bucks on amazon. I’ve never tried it but I imagine it would be at least a little better than a plastic funnel and for 5 bucks, why not.


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16th Feb 2022

I should think the cheapest will be something like the hario v60 filter which makes nice quality filter coffee. You can choose a mild, smooth coffee like columbian to start with. For IF I mix my coffee with some ground chicory to get a french coffee (new orleans style) because chicory is high in prebiotic inulin fibre and along with coffee is an appetite suppressant.


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10th Mar 2018

Careful where you tread, your curiosity can lead to an expensive hobby. A lot of us started our coffee obsessions with those resusable k-cup pods. When you use your own coffee beans, the first thing you’ll notice is that the coffee is much fresher than what comes in those pods. Eventually, you’ll be grinding your locally roasted coffee beans and start to wonder, “why am I even using this keurig machine in the first place? All I need is the hot water from it.” After all, that resusable k-cup pod is the same concept as the pour-over device thats been used for ages.

I don’t hate the pods, I think they introduce a lot of people to coffee. I’m not fond of the potential environmental impact of the disposable keurig cups. Depending on your situation, a keurig machine may still be your best option, but I’d regret not telling you to investigate the aeropress as well as your local coffee scene. Have fun.

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6th Jul 2020

Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Hario-Plastic-Coffee-Dripper-White/dp/B002IR1O3A

I have the white ceramic cone, trust me, the material feels and looks way better than plastic 🙂 What’s the video game called?

Hope it helps, cheers!