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9th Dec 2018

$699 on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Happybuy-Coffee-Printer-Design-Selfie/dp/B07843WDCZ/
Looks like it’s basically an inkjet printer with edible ink.

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12th Dec 2018

Laser engravers aren’t that much simpler than 2D printers, and 3D printers have very much fallen in price over recent years.

I think you’re overstating the complexity of printers greatly, either that or you’ve literally never heard of 3D printing or a pastry printer. Non-ink-based printers have been getting cheaper and cheaper, in addition to becoming more abundant and with more options (different plastics, metal printing, food printers, embroidery machines, etc.)

I watched my husband build a 3D plastic printer, they are not complicated to the level of black magic, and are well below what a regular consumer can afford.

Back to food printers, though, Amazon actually has a ton of them. It turns out Latte printers do print in food coloring, and they also have things like a pancake printer, and a fancy chocolate printer that prints 3D shapes made out of chocolate.