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Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional2 (Black No Keytop Print/blank)?

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25th Mar 2019

Looking at getting a hhkb and found this link on amazon Australia


Is this a standard price? ($233 USD). does this one seem sketchy at all? Should I look at other sellers?

Thanks in advance.

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2nd Apr 2018

The keycaps are custom made from a dude on reddit (isn’t making them commercially, sent to me as a review sample) but, the board itself is an HHKB Pro 1 KB300BN (Black/Blank). It’s actually the rarest production model of the board but, you can get almost the exact same thing here.

Only difference is:

  • USB Hub on the back (low power so don’t expect to do anything with it)

  • Printed Logo in the bottom right hand corner

  • Centered USB Port

Otherwise, it’s identical. So basically functionally, they’re identical, aesthetically, minimal differences. You can sand off the logo if you so desire, though, you’ll have to do it with care.

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27th Jan 2015

Well you can apparently get it for 389.98€ if you want to spend more, even that’s “only” ~$443 though.

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25th Dec 2018

Aren’t they about 200ish USD new? Amazon seems to match up with that anyways.

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11th Apr 2016

Hello, sorry for not replying to you straight away. After consideration, I think that your offer is a bit low. A blank black hhkb costs upwards of £160 on Amazon. A pok3r with mx blues costs £100.



I’d happily trade it for £45 though. Thank you for contacting me!


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11th Feb 2015

I’d buy a HHKB. I hear good things about the Topre switches.