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Happy Balls 60% Keycaps Side Printed PBT Keycap Set 60 Percent Thick Cherry MX Key Caps with Key Puller for US-ANSI Layout 61 68 60% MX Switches Mechanical Keyboard (Side Printed Carbon Keyset)?

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20th May 2021

I made a post about a week ago. Basically, I am very new to keyboards, and I am looking to build a custom. My case is the GK61X, switches are Gateron Black Inks, but I’m conflicted about keycaps. I was thinking of the sea coral keycaps for about 30 dollars, there were also Apherion keycaps for about 40 dollars, or this keycap set I found on Amazon by Happy Balls. Any suggestions? Also, if you know any good keycaps, please let me know, just under 60 dollars.

Link to Keycaps: https://www.amazon.com/Happy-Balls-Switches-Mechanical-Keyboard/dp/B08P8GK2M6/ref=pd_di_sccai_1/135-5644261-9211017?pd_rd_w=mxe1n&pf_rd_p=c9443270-b914-4430-a90b-72e3e7e784e0&pf_rd_r=7KF63H048PMD1VFCMZSW&pd_rd_r=4e9b74df-634b-4f86-a8b4-ff6fe7eab5ad&pd_rd_wg=vElti&pd_rd_i=B08P8GK2M6&th=1