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Hanskin Real Complexion Hyaluron Skin Essence – Hyaluronic Acid, Moisturizing, Glowing, Soft & Fragrance-Free [150 ml]?

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23rd Apr 2020

hey there! finding a good skincare routine requires a bit of trial and error to see what your skin does and doesn’t like, so just keep this in mind and don’t get discouraged.

for your face cleanser i’m assuming you’re using the vanicream facial cleanser. does your skin feel tight after using it? if it feels “tight” after using a face wash it means it’s too harsh and drying on your skin. if you can, avoid using anything that is foaming- those are extremely drying. i’d highly recommend using a gel cleanser- simple micellar gel wash is a really good one. if you wear makeup, i’d highly recommend using a cleansing oil first to remove the makeup (try DHC cleansing oil) and then following with a gel cleanser.

after cleansing, i’d follow up with a toner. toners can be very tricky especially with sensitive skin. absolutely avoid anything that has alcohol in it. a really good toner that I love is the one by muji: https://www.muji.us/store/sensitive-skin-moisturizing-toning-water-6-76-fl-oz-200ml.html . if you’re in Canada you can go to a muji store and they have small travel sized versions of their products which are really good (and cheaper) when trying out a new skincare products. when applying, put the product in the palm of your hands and gently press it into your skin. this is much more gentle than rubbing with a cotton round- and it feels really soothing.

I’d then follow with an essence that has hyaluronic acid in it. Essence is kind of like, the first layer of your “treatment” step in your skincare-in your case it’d be the first layer of moisturization. A good essence I’d recommend is : https://www.amazon.com/Hanskin-Real-Complexion-Hyaluron-Essence/dp/B07MP7M4YL/ref=sr_1_8?crid=BZD13IWRCD5T&dchild=1&keywords=korean+essence&qid=1587671155&s=beauty&sprefix=korean+esse%2Cbeauty%2C217&sr=1-8 . Again like with the toner, apply it with your hands in a pressing motion.

Afterwards you can apply your serum. I’m a firm believer in hyaluronic acid ( HA) and this is pretty much what I use as a serum. I’ve heard that squalane is also very effective, but have never tried this myself ( HA worked really well for me). you can try using HA only or squalane only as your serum and see if either of those works. The Inky List or the Ordinary both have great options for HA ( the ordinary also has squalane too). Amazon also has great options too for HA.

Last step would be moisturizer. Cerave and Vanicream are really great options but I would stick to just one. again, avoid anything that has fragrance or alcohol in it. something a dermatologist told me was that try getting moisturizers that are in a tube/ container and not with a pump- those have more alcohol in it so that it’s thin enough to go through the pump. if you wanted, you could also use a facial oil before your moisturizer. Marula oil that you’re using is great- i’ve never tried rose hip oil so I can’t say anything about that. you also can try jojoba oil.

For sunscreen, it’s great that you’re using it! If the sunscreen you currently use is working good for your skin, keep using it. The only thing with sunscreen is do not mix it with your facial oils you’re using- it can dilute the effectiveness of the sunscreen so just apply it either mixed with your moisturizer or apply it as a final step.

some other tips would be to pat your face dry after washing and only use lukewarm water. also do not use anything that has essential oils like lavender, etc or fragrance in it, because those are very irritating.

Hope this helps!