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Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Cordless 8Kpa: Foxnovo LED Portable Vacuum Cleaner Powerful – Lightweight Quick Charge Wet/Dry Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – for Home Kitchen Pet Hair Car Cleaning?

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10th Jul 2021

IMO, if you’re doing personal cars only (not looking to turn it into a career), buy a handheld vacuum. The connivence alone is worth it. For reference, I have a large 9gal RIGID wet/dry vacuum that I bought with the “detail kit”, and I never use it after buying a handheld. Total game changer. I vacuum my car much more often now because I don’t have to drag out a large vacuum or fiddle around with cords. 10/10


EDIT: here is the handheld. Charges via USB. Has a thin nozzle for crevices and a little motorized brush that can be used on flat carpet. I can do 3+ lightly dirty cars before I need to recharge.