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10th Apr 2017

The circumstances were very similar in each situation, and probably pretty unusual for most men.

The first thing you should know is that my preferred masturbation method, especially if I want to cum quickly and hard, is using a percussion massager (a lot like this), pressed against the top of my erect penis. How hard I press, how powerful I set the vibration, and whether I focus the pulsing heads near the glans or the base is largely instinctive. If I tense my legs (usually required for me to reach orgasm under any circumstance) and focus on nothing but fantasy and orgasm, I can go from flaccid to an intense orgasm less than a minute. I can also extend a session using the massager if that’s my preference, as was the case when I enjoyed these multiples. (I gather that most men have never even tried vibration, so I don’t know if most men are even capable of cumming this way.)

The few times this has happened, I was laying still, catching my breath after my first orgasm subsided, with the massager on low and not in firm contact with my penis. I’m wasn’t thinking about sex, or even particularly interested in it; in fact, I was only faintly aware that the massager was operating at all.

Suddenly, bypassing all sense of build-up, I found myself immediately at the “point of no return”– that rapidly-mounting pleasurable sensation that lets men know they absolutely will cum if stimulation isn’t reduced or stopped entirely. It’s not an exaggeration to say I went from completely disinterested to cumming over the span of a second or two. Surprising doesn’t begin to cover it. These were probably the most shocking and welcome surprises of my entire life.

For the record, this was nothing like my usual “round two” experiences. Like most men, I’m hit with a massive prolactin dump after I cum. It generally causes my erection to flag, my penis to become over-sensitive, and my interest in sex to plummet, and it happens almost immediately. I have to be totally pent up and/or exert an effort of will to voluntarily engage in any more sexual activity once I cum, and even then it takes a LOT of work to cum again. These multiple orgasms were a COMPLETELY separate experience– I didn’t have to “push through” a lack of desire or unpleasant physical sensations to get there. I didn’t have to think about it at all. It just happened.

And now, I’m more than a little turned on after talking about cumming for such a long time.