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Hamilton Beach 1.7L Stainless Steel Electric Kettle 40893?

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28th Dec 2017

Great question – info dump incoming!
> We use a keurig for hot water, so a tea bag is preferred but I could get him an infuser as well

If you drink a lot of tea, you should definitely get a dedicated electric kettle. Keurigs take a long time compared to a real electric kettle if you want more than a cup, and if you also use it for coffee the water will often taste a little like coffee. There’s no point in getting an expensive tea if it’s just going to taste like coffee water! You can get one like this that does one temperature (boiling) for about $20 on Amazon and it will last forever – if you mostly drink black and herbals, just off boiling is fine. If you like green teas they need to be about 40dF off boiling and you’d want a programmable kettle like this one that’s a bit more expensive. I’ve owned both of those kettles, if you’re in college (as I guess from your age and mention of homework) they are indestructible, which is good if you have roommates around.

A good infuser like this one is <$20, does about 2 cups worth of tea each which is perfect for two. It has a mesh basket where you put the leaves until it’s done brewing. Loose leaf black tea can be brewed twice, sometimes three times, without much loss of flavor.

Unfortunately, tea in teabags tends to not be very good. It doesn’t have to be this way – places like Harney and Sons have great tea in bags – but most of the ~~total tea nerd~~ enthusiast market is for loose leaf. If you haven’t done loose leaf tea before, it’s great! Using an infuser is only a tiny extra bit of work over a teabag and loose leaf tea can be as cheap or cheaper than bags for the same quality.

Of course, all of this depends on your budget – if you have $100 you could get a kettle, and infuser, and three months of a subscription box like Tea Runners that would send you very good tea. If you are more in the $50 range you could get a sampler chest of bag tea from someplace like Harney and Sons, or a few months of Sipsby mentioned below. I’d definitely recommend make the small investment for the stuff you need for loose leaf tea, though – it’s the best, and it really opens up the types of tea you can drink.

(Also, if budget is a concern at some point, I highly recommend Prestogeorge, a tea and coffee seller. Their tea is merely good, not great, but it’s some of the cheapest loose leaf tea I’ve ever found. You might want a ton of rather good tea instead of a little bit of great tea.)

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28th Nov 2020

Hamilton beach makes a good one!