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“Hair Loss Therapy” Sulfate-Free Caffeine SHAMPOO, Alopecia Prevention and DHT Blocker. Anti-Hair Loss/Hair Growth Shampoo. Doctor Developed. NEW 2018 FORMULA!?

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18th Nov 2020

I started using this organic shampoo and conditioner! It’s pretty expensive, but I have noticed a difference in just the first 2 months of using it! I sent the link below! The bottles are a bit small for the price, but what I do is I use a small amount of shampoo and conditioner on my scalp and where I feel like I’m thinning most and then I’ll use my regular shampoo and conditioner to clean my hair! Hope this helps!


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6th Oct 2020

So the same thing was happening to me and my dermatologist suggested the same thing! However, my mom’s best friend lost all of her hair during her fight with breast cancer and what she started to use to grow her hair back was Botanical Green Care! It’s pretty pricey tbh, but it does work! My hair used to be thick, long, wouldn’t stop growing actually! Literally the only thing I liked about myself, and when my hair started to thin and fall out I was really upset! My mom bought me the shampoo and conditioner just to try and by the end of the month, my hair was starting to get thick again and growing! My hair had stopped growing for a while, so I became a believer after that! Below is the link to the shampoo, the conditioner I use is the lavender and cedar wood (hair thickening conditioner)! Again, it’s pricey and the bottles aren’t that big, but it is all natural, organic, and it really does work!