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Hada Labo Rohto Gokujun Hyaluronic Face Wash – 100g, White, 3.52 Ounce (Pack of 1)?

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1st Oct 2017

So everyone knows the Hada Labo Rohto Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Clenasing Foam is super well liked, but I’m wondering if anyone has used the version that comes in a tube?


I’m really curious to try it.

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16th Nov 2018

Hi 🙂

This is my current face as of just after my a.m. routine, no makeup. I haven’t changed too much product wise, but I have changed how I use some things, and I think it has made at least a little difference. Here’s what I’m currently up to:


  • Hada Labo Hyaluronic Face Wash (this one)
  • Cosrx AHA/BHA toner – spritzed wildly over my face
  • Cosrx Galactomyces – applied while toner is still wet, so essentially I apply them together
  • Once the above is dry, one squirt of Cosrx Snail Mucin 96 mixed with a drop of TO Niacinamide + Zinc
  • 2-3 squirts of Holika Holika Good Cera Emulsion
  • Sunscreen


… Often not much at all… Which I know will be frowned upon in this sub, but I feel like excessive cleansing is sometimes harmful. When I do something, it will be along the lines of the following (give or take, depending on laziness levels):

  • Hada Labo Cleansing Oil
  • Garnier Sensitive Micellar Water
  • Holika Holika Good Cera Emulsion
  • Skinoren 20% Azazeic Acid
  • Some sort of emollient, between almond oil, Cosrx Honey Ceramide Cream, Silicone Barrier Cream

However there are also nights when I do nothing, in which case I just add in the cleansing oil as a first step in my AM routine. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Hope that’s helpful, and I wish you luck! This skin is terrible 🙁