What is the opinion of Reddit about the
Hada Labo Rohto Goku-Jun Hyaluronic Lotion Light, 170ml/5.7 fl. oz.?

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1st May 2016

Yes, it’s just translation. It’s the same. There are different versions. The light version has more greet here. Not to mention an anti aging (red) and brightening (blue) and a new Premium (gold) which is super moist.

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30th Apr 2016

I agree with u/Wadine34, the it cosmetics cc cream is great for not emphasizing dry patches and the cerave cleanser is also good. The overnight hydrating mask can also really help add moisture to your skin.

I would also recommend using the Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Lotion Light. It’s a liquidy serum that you apply after you cleanse your face. It really helped to give moisture to my face and reduce the flakes. Here is a link to it on Amazon:


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20th Oct 2015

You need more moisture.

Cerave AM might not be heavy enough for you. Do you use it at night as well?

To start with, I will suggest only using the foaming cleanser after oil cleansing, if at all. If you are not wearing sunscreen, you might be fine with just oil cleansing and wiping it off with a gentle washcloth.

I would also suggest adding a few drops of jojoba oil to your moisturizer at night and after it absorbs some, spread a thin layer of aquaphor or vaseline all over your face. This will help “seal” in the moisture.

As for product recommendations, the Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Lotion is wonderful. It’s a “lotion,” but is thin like water. I pat a small amount into my skin before applying my moisturizer at night and in the morning. I just make sure the skin is moist (don’t apply it to dry skin or dripping wet skin) because the Hyaluronic acid attracts moisture, and patting it into the skin really helps it absorb.

I would try this routine (with or without the Hada Labo lotion) for a few weeks and see if your skin improves before trying different moisturizers.

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20th Jun 2018

have you or u/enska3 tried the japanese Hadalabo brand? It’s called a lotion and there’s more than one variety of hyalauronic acid but one of them is totally watery (I believe it’s called Light, that’s the one that has no added anything else besides hyalauronic) and nothing sticky added.. sometimes Im not even sure that it’s not water! but it seems to work well for hydration and you get a nice big bottle so it probably works out cheaper than some of the little bottles. Edit: found the link for Canada https://www.amazon.ca/Gokujyun-Super-Hyaluronic-Hydrating-Lotion/dp/B00BS3PYY0 It’s probably cheaper in the states

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2nd Jan 2017

I waited 2 months for my Hada Labo Gokujyun Lotion to come, & it never arrived (I am getting a refund). But my dry skin can’t wait another month for a hydrating Hyaluronic Acid product, so I am considering some locally available options for immediate use. I wonder if you guys could take a look at these HA serums & help me pick which one might be best (or recommend an alternative available in Canada)?

Now Foods – Hyaluronic Acid Serum $20 / 30 mL (concern: HA is far down the ingredients list)

Derma E: Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid $32 / 60 mL (concern: many ingredients, incl. dimethicone)

Pure Creations: Hyaluronic Serum $33 / 30 mL (concern: flower/fruit extracts could be irritating)

*other product suggestions welcome

Also, I am going to order the Hada Labo Lotion Light ($19/170mL) this time, because I am afraid of butylene glycol sensitivity; that or this Garden of Wisdom HA Serum ($17/60mL) – has anybody tried it?

Follow up: has anyone tried Neutrogena
Hydro Boost Gel Cream Extra-Dry Skin
($25/47mL)? It supposedly has HA.

Thank you!