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H HOKIZU Ergonomic Neck Pillow with Replaceable Cervical Traction Insert for Multiple Use, Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain Relief, Orthopedic Contour Memory Foam Pillow for Side and Back Sleepers?

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9th Mar 2022

I had the same problem, horrible neck pain and headaches when I woke up.

I have bad posture (working on it) so neck pain and headaches are pretty normal for me but sleep used to make it better but it was just making it worse.. I got a firmer mattress (we were planning on up-sizing anyway) which helped a lot but not enough.. I tried like no pillow and just a towel rolled up under my neck which kind of helped but wasn’t comfortable.. then I came up with a genius idea for a pillow that would support my neck and cushion my head a little but not lift it up at a weird angle and was higher at either end so I could sleep on my sides too and started trying to figure out how to get this thing manufactured but then I checked Amazon and it already existed 😂

It’s not available from the same seller I got it from anymore but this is the same pillow.

There was definitely a learning curve for me (I used to roll over in place so I had to learn to travel to either side when I rolled.. there were a few nights where I screwed it up and woke up with a different kind of neck pain which was honestly still kind of refreshing) but it’s made my neck pain upon waking like 95% better.. there’s two inserts, one soft and one hard and they recommend the hard one for like a short neck stretching session but I use it all night because it works!! Sooo I hope it will work for you too!

Also I used to have an amazing chiropractor and he solved all of these issues while I was seeing him but then we moved away and it took a couple of years but all these neck issues came back and I just haven’t found another chiropractor I like yet.. but if you can find a good chiropractor I highly recommend it! (My good guy took X-rays of my spine first and was big into teaching his patients and I haven’t found anyone else like that but if you do it’s probably a good sign!)

Sorry that was so long but I hope it helps!!