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Gunnar Optiks Amber Lens Round Blue Light Blocking, Black, Adult?

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4th May 2021

Well, the Lenovo is a recent purchasing that I’m returning, so it’s more of a swap if anything. I don’t have a laptop otherwise and need one for whenever I can’t or don’t want to be at my desk.

These are the glasses. I have tried using them with flux without much luck.

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14th Jun 2021

Actually no, I am cautious and always wearing glasses now which isnt a big deal at all.

I am down to probably one every few months, Ive found that extra strength liquid advil helps a ton for me, but next time it happens my doctor gave me metoclopramide to have before the advil as a test.

When it comes to the glasses i have too much knowledge about them now.

The gunnars have a very sligh zoom as they are primarily for screens and games but i didnt have any issue moving around with them on after about a day or so of using them.

I do have perscription lenses with blue light blocking in them but they are no were near as effective so at night when it gets dark i switch them out for my stronger gunnars.

I use these currently in 35%, but i started out with the 65% ones as they are very effective.


I’m from canada but that’s an amazon US link, presuming your from the states?

Any style of glasses will be fine from them i just like the circles and the arms are easily bendable under hot water to make them more comfortable for me as I found the tightness of the arms on my temples a bit much for most glasses, thats why I typically go Oakly, straight arms no temple pressure.