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GTR Simulator – GTA Model with Real Racing Seat, Driving Racing Simulator Cockpit Gaming Chair with Gear Shifter Mount?

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10th Sep 2021


If your in US and can get free shipping. It is so sturdy but heavy as well. I’ve got mine hanging a super ultrawide monitor as well.

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5th Sep 2021

GTR rig

It is a beast, very sturdy.

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19th Jun 2021


I love mine. Very sturdy and for the money with a seat best value by long shot. I have mine with 5 bass shakers and 43” super ultra wide mounted directly above steering wheel using unistrut metal. No flexy at all except slight movement in pedal tray but not worrisome.

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14th May 2021

> Fazstore

Just seeing this now as I’m shopping around for a cockpit in Canada.

I’m considering ordering a GTR Simulator GTA Model cockpit anbd wondering if you had any thoughts on this? The reviews I have seen(though few) say its amazing for the price and solid.

it’s listed as steel alloy on amazon and comes with a bucketseat.



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19th Jul 2021

Sure! Which part are you curious about?

Here is the rig itself, its a GTR GTA Model

Steering wheel is just an older logitech g27 setup.

The game is Assetto Corsa with the 992 GT3 mod.

PC is a Ryzen 3700x with Nvidia 3080.

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12th Jul 2021