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GT OMEGA PRO Racing Gaming Chair with Ergonomic Lumbar Support – PVC Leather Reclining High Back Home Office Chair with Swivel – PC Gaming Desk Chair for Ultimate Racing Experience – Black Next White?

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17th Aug 2016


I ordered this chair about 4 months ago and believe it is worth every penny. Very high quality parts unlike other dxracer knock offs I’ve seen reviews of, If you keep up with the pro csgo scene, Scream uses it which is where I found out about it from. The one I linked is out of stock but they have other ones in different colors and cloth ones for the same price if you prefer that. Shipping was also free and it arrived in about 3 days. I was starting to get a lot of back pain using my old chair and haven’t had any since I got this chair, I find it extremely comfortable while playing for long sessions, I am 5 foot 10 and weigh aprox 160 lbs just for reference.