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16th Jan 2018


They’re convenient single serve packets, which makes them nice on the trail. Of course, if you’re a heavy coffee drinker, one packet may not be enough, so you can end up bringing a lot of them… in the UK they offer multi-serve tins, I wish they’d sell them in the US.

If you like stronger coffee, they’re a pretty good substitute. Starbucks also offers Via Lattes… I haven’t tried one myself.

I also have a GSI JavaPress (much older version than linked below). Not the best press, but worked great on the trail. If I’m not planning on going too far or too fast, I like bringing the press.


Aeropress and MiniPresso



I’ve been really tempted by these, but have been making do with Via and the GSI.

I see that there’s a new MiniPresso that can use Nespresso capsules… that’s even more tempting (since I own a Nespresso machine).


Via packets are nice since you only need to carry out empty packets and not the wet grinds.