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15th May 2018

The things that I have that I get most excited about being able to use are:

  • Emisar D4 flashlight (with Nichia high CRI LEDs). The light looks good, and things look good illuminated by it. The ramping interface has ruined other flashlights for me; I just hold the button until I get to the brightness I want, then I release the button. Its lowest mode is quite low, and its highest mode is insanely bright. (It has been known to melt other gear when accidentally activated, so it does require a certain amount of care.) It’s nicely pocketable despite its impressive output. I have a small headlamp I use when setting up camp in the dark (when I need both hands free), but for pretty much everything else I use the D4.

  • Camp Chef Everest stove. I like to eat well when I’m camping, and this stove handles its business. Each of the two burners can get hotter than my stove at home on max output, which is nice for stir frys or searing meat. (Or just boiling water really quickly.) The burners can also go very low, even in fairly windy conditions, which is nice when you need a gentle simmer.

    • (For backpacking, I like my MSR PocketRocket^(0), which has a similarly wide range of heat capabilities.)
  • I have lately been enjoying my REI Base Camp 4 tent, but some of that is probably just because it’s new and the “new toy” shininess hasn’t worn off yet. Still, it’s nice and spacious (especially compared to the barely-two-person backpacking tent I’d used exclusively before it), and it has a lot of nice design features. The bag it goes into has a carry handle but also straps to wear it as a backpack, and the poles go into a sleeve in the center, which then supports the rest of the bag when you put the tent in. The vents in the rainfly are accessible from inside the tent, so you don’t have to go outside if you get too hot or cold. The spacious front vestibule is really nice; I’ve entered the vestibule, zipped it closed, removed my wet rain jacket, and only then opened the tent proper, leaving as much wet, muddy stuff as possible outside. It’s also pretty robust when set up. I’ve been through a couple fairly intense thunderstorms in it (one with 20mph wind gusts) and the tent stood up to everything with ease.

  • Just in case the tent is only exciting because its new, I’ll mention my GSI Hard Anodized Cookset^(1). I’ve had these pots for about twenty years now, and they’re still awesome. They conduct heat nicely, so water boils quickly and food is heated evenly. The hard anodization has held up to two decades of camping and the inside surfaces are still very nonstick. Cleanup is almost always just a matter of wiping up the food traces; I practically never have to scrub stuff off of them.

^(0)Now discontinued and replaced by the PocketRocket 2, which I haven’t used.

^(1)Also discontinued. I think the closest successor from GSI is their Halulite line of pots.