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Greater Goods Digital Weight Bathroom Scale, Shine-Through Display, Accurate Glass Scale, Non-Slip & Scratch Resistant, Body Weight (Black)?

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10th Jun 2019

I’d just go on Amazon and find a highly rated one for about $20-$25. I just checked and there are a bunch out there, no need to spend more unless you want all the bells and whistles like bluetooth syncing with your apps. Here’s one I would consider if I didn’t already have a good one:


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12th May 2020

Scales are like $25 on Amazon?

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20th Sep 2018

I bought this digital scale on Amazon about 6 months ago. Slim, modern looking, and comes in either black or white. No frills and does the job well.


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23rd Aug 2018

Thanks for the advice. Since I don’t need a high capacity scale nor care about the other features, I went with this one.