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Goldtouch KB1 Evoluent Mouse Friendly Keyboard?

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3rd Oct 2012

Well, the problem with that one you linked to is that the numberpad is still on the right, so your mousing arm will be shifted outward at an angle. I got this one by Evoluent (who also made my vertical mouse). It has the num pad on the left.

The mouse I got from Evoluent has been awesome. Still going strong after 4/5 years. That Evoluent keyboard, however, wasn’t so great. I’m on a Mac so I had to reconfigure some modifier keys for it to work smoothly, and it crapped out after 2 or 3 years. I’m now using the standard cordless Mac keyboard with no number pad.

Any keyboard without a numberpad would work. You can get a separate USB num pad and place it on the left if you need one. Of course, different people have different requirements for keyboards, this is just what fit the bill for my graphic design job. If you’re gaming or have other specific requirements, this may not work for you.