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Goldtouch GTU-0088 V2 Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard — PC and Mac Compatible (USB)?

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7th Sep 2016

Look at your entire desk setup. Pay attention to your posture, angle of your shoulders, elbows, wrists. I got a split keyboard: https://www.amazon.com/Goldtouch-GTU-0088-Adjustable-Comfort-Keyboard/dp/B005ZLTNN4

Also, I play guitar to help control the wrist inflammation.

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19th Jan 2017
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17th Dec 2015

It probably will. However, I don’t recommend thumb trackballs. Too much repetition on a single digit, especially if you have smaller hands.

Regarding wrist pain: hold out your hand as if giving someone a handshake. Now untwist it so that you are putting the least pressure on your wrist as possible. Your palm isn’t directly facing down as it does using a generic flat and symmetrical mouse. This angle is the neutral and least harmful angle of your wrist while using a computer.

Try a mouse with some angle on it (a vertical mouse is the extreme attempt at a solution at this), or a finger trackball mounted at an angle to match your wrist.

Likewise, a keyboard that is not flat and does not scrunch your wrists in or out while typing is also very important to reduce wrist strain.

Things I like using for desk ergonomics: