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GOgroove 2.1 Computer Speakers and Monitor Stand 2-in-1 System – SonaVERSE BSE Desktop Computer Monitor Riser with Built-in USB Speaker Sound Base, Headphone AUX and Mic Ports, Volume & Bass Controls?

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25th Feb 2019

It depends, what is your current keyboard and how do you like it? I personally have the K55 from Corsair and I love it (quiet yet feels great to type on). Your mouse as well maybe if I’m correct in assuming that’s just a basic gaming mouse from Amazon, especially since the Corsair Harpoon w/slipstream is only $50. Other than that I really don’t know, your headset seems good since it’s a Corsair Void (I’m a big fan of Corsair if you can’t tell) and you have a nice mousepad. Only other thing I can suggest is better speakers (not sure what you’re currently using), I bought this one and I love it, it’s usb powered and it’s a monitor riser, it might even help with getting rid of some of the cords.