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gofanco 1080p USB KVM and HDMI Over CAT5e / CAT6 Extender – 2X USB 2.0 Keyboard/Mouse, Near Zero Latency, Transmitter and Receiver PoC, HDMI Loopout, 197ft (60m)?

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16th Jul 2020

Yes, my idea was to have 4 PCIe-USB cards and pass them to VMs. They have existing networking in place in CAT6 so I can then use hdmi+usb-over-cat extender as they want to have only monitor on the table (+ mouse, keyboard and probably USB hub for flash drives and whatnot)

here is one of the possible extenders I was looking at https://www.amazon.com/gofanco-1080p-HDMI-CAT5e-Extender/dp/B07V5KFZX7/

As for the PCIe, yes that’s a problem. I could potentially run the USB cards of the PCIe splitter as they don’t need that much bandwidth. I don’t suppose they will copy external HDDs every day.