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19th Sep 2020

Wow, thank you for doing all of this research!

Have you tried these yet, any results?

I’ve been dealing with biofilm in my sinuses for over 5 years but only just learned about them. Mine manifest as tonsil stones, sinus infections, and ultimately (and the worst part) severe dizziness/vertigo.

I recently learned about a mouthwash called glycothymoline, it got rid of my tonsil stones completely. Here’s the kicker tho, I was directed not to use it as mouthwash but in a Neil-pot (like a netty- pot but you squeeze the saline solution into your sinuses so it’s pressurized rather than relying on gravity) 60/40 saline/mouthwash mixture. It burns terribly, really badly. But after doing it twice a day I stopped having tonsil stones altogether.

Here’s a link to the brand:


My sinus infection symptoms have been coming back now tho and I started looking for ways to rid myself of the biofilm and came across this:


TLDR: high dose vitamin C breaks up biofilm.

Another redditor posted it and said they found it helped. I also learned that zinc helps to break up biofilm as well.

I’d love to hear of your progress with the remedies you’ve found and hope you get some relief!