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Glorious Helios – Large Ultra Thin Polycarbonate Hard Mousepad | 11″x13″ (GH-L)?

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13th Aug 2020



It will wear down your Mouse feet quicker than a cloth pad, but it’s a great pad. I like it more than the G440 personally.

If money’s not an issue for you the Skypad 2.0 XL and new Razer Acari are supposed to be good fast pads.

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13th Jun 2021

Recently I was unhappy with the price/quality of these large “gaming” or hybrid style mats but needed a new mat. I didnt want to have a cloth style pad around my keyboard either, as I regularly eat at my desk. Cloth mouse pads are also less resistant to mold and harder to clean. Gaming-brand mousepads are overpriced and way overhyped.

Instead, I did something a little different and I’m sure others may have some different ideas that work better for them. I purchased an XL, fake leather “mousepad” for about 17.99, which is essentially vinyl, and I use that as a placemat and to protect my desk. On the right, I still went with a top brand of mousepad, Glorious, as they had an ultra thin adhesive pad that I integrated right into the placemat. It is not available on Amazon anymore, but I do believe a larger version is.


I’m happy with this setup, it’s super easy to wipe down after eating, I love that neither my placemat or mousepad ever move, and I love the way it looks, however, gotta say, leave it to the cheap vinyl mat to be holding up just fine, and the WAY overpriced gaming-brand mousepad to be wearing immediately, as can be seen in the picture. Don’t get me wrong, it works, but I’ve used several pads from the new wave of gaming-target market work these brands are doing, and none at all that I’ve tried outperform the 7 dollar Steelseries mousepad that I bought probably 15 years ago, and, Amazon etc. is still selling. Doesn’t surprise me cloth pads are holding a place in the market when plastic is supposed to be the cats meow. Mold was really the only reason I ever replaced that one.

edit: my setup(looks cleaner/blacker in person): https://imgur.com/XyWakD6