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Glorious GMMK Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard ISO Layout- RGB LED Backlit, Brown Switches, Hot Swap Switches (Black) (Full Size)?

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4th Dec 2021

I want to make myself a custom keyboard but I don’t have access to any soldering tools and don’t really want to have to invest in them specifically for this purpose. After doing some browsing, a hot-swappable keyboard seemed like the best option. I’m looking for a UK ISO 100% layout and the only one I can find is this. Does anyone know of anything like it? Ideally I’m looking for a cheaper option and I’m not fussed about the RGB. I just wanna be able to have that layout with hot-swappable switches.

Thanks in advance!

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8th Nov 2020

Keyboard and there are multiple reasons:

  1. You will use it most of the time when you are on your computer.
  2. The game is based on rythm and having a stable pressure point makes it a lot better.
  3. Fingercontrol, bursts, streams and deathstreams seemingly are easier to learn and important for higher ranks.
  4. Switching from mouse to tablet can be done anytime and isn’t actually that big of a change. It’s compareable to when you would change your DPI about 20%.

As of the keyboard I would suggest a self build one:

Buy a bareborne in your language (ISO/ANSI) in the size you want (I suggest Full Size) and then fitting keycaps like this one or this one (both ISO-DE, full size).

Switches are very subjective and that’s why I recommend a switch tester sample pack for testing and after having a grasp of what to choose, buy a package which includes enough switches to fill your keyboard with (best is if you already have barebone and keycaps for testing).

Small notes:

  1. Razer is shitty at keyboards.
  2. Don’t be scared of building the keyboard yourself, it’s actually very easy and switches aren’t expensive.
  3. Gateron switches are basically CherryMX switches but a little smoother.
  4. It cost me a total 134,70€ to buy the keyboard in pieces. Building all together took me maybe an hour but I tested on the switch tester sample back for a few hours.


Hope I helped!

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16th Feb 2021

The good thing about your use case is that you have a lot of freedom in what type of switches fit you. The only games that really need hyper fast switches are intense rhythm games. For shooter games having a good mouse is a lot more important.

As for coding, you’re never really typing a lot. You use shortcuts to do a lot of that work for you or you’re staring at cryptic error messages for hours on end. IMO for coding having a nice scroll wheel is actually a little bit more important.

If you want to get a keyboard that pays homage to the whole coding culture there is one called the Tex Shinobi that mimics the look of a thinkpad keyboard. Also comes in azerty fr and several cherry mx switch options (I would recommend the clears if you don’t mind something a little heavier).

If you want to delve a little deeper you could get something like a gmmk. You’ll have to buy keycaps (you can get nicer ones those are just the default for the gmmk) and switches separately. No soldering needed you just pop them in. Lenovo keyboards have a nice tactile resistance right at the top so I would recommend getting kailh box tactile switches like the royals (I’ve ordered from this store before and had a pretty good experience, I live in Belgium).

If you think that’s too much money I’d look at either a ducky if you want rgb or a leopold if you want slightly better build quality and keycaps. Don’t really know a good store by heart to find those in azerty fr but here’s a list of keyboard vendors that might help you.

In my circles people swear by qwerty for coding, but after switching to qwerty I found it’s really all the same, so don’t be fooled! 🙂