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Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad/Rest – Compact – Black – Mechanical Keyboards, Stitched Edges, Ergonomic | 12×4 inches | 25mm/1in Thick (GWR-75) Compact (Black)?

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22nd Dec 2020

Glorious have a cushioned 60% one.

Though I’ve learned from using a cushioned wrist rest that I tend to lean too hard into it and bend my wrist too much anyway. I’d recommend trying to learn to hover your hands when you’re typing so that you’re not typing at an angle that will cause damage to your wrist. Once you get used to it, it really does help in not causing yourself wrist pain.

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14th Jul 2020

that’s interesting because they have 3P listings on amazon directly from the brand


Sold by Glorious PC Gaming Race and Fulfilled by Amazon.

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6th Jun 2021

There was This black one on Amazon by Glorious that was recently mentioned on one of the keyboard subreddits. Although currently out of stock for a bit.

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15th Jul 2020

Maybe the GMMK rests


I think I linked to the Compact version, but there is also the TKL an Full sized versions.

There’s two thicknesses available. I ordered the thicker one. Mine is coming from GMMK was part of a larger order with them. I also have a full size HyperX, bought locally from Memory Express, similar to the GMMK version, just full size, nice rests.


Edit, Forgot the link