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Gliging Metal Switch Opener Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps Lubricate Aluminum for Cherry Gateron Holy Panda and Kailh switches with Metal Magnet?

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11th Oct 2021


Everglide Aquaking switches are Cherry/Gateron style, meaning that there are 4 small plastic tabs that hold each switch together. The alternative is a Kailh style housing, which uses 2 long tabs on either side of the switch.

A standard switch opener should work nicely. Here’s a link to one. The one on the left in the first picture is the one you need.

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14th Mar 2022

I only ever reviewed products directly on the page that sells the product I purchased and received. I wrote factual, honest, clean reviews. Even on products I gave a 4 or 3 star rating to, I listed pros and cons. As a random example, let’s look at the last thing I bought on Amazon (order placed 23/01/2022, received 29/01/2022) this mechanical keyboard switch opener

I rated it 3/5. I wrote essentially (paraphrasing):

  • that I liked the design, I liked that it had both kinds (standard mx style switches and kailh switches open in different ways), I liked the material it was made out of & the finish.

  • I disliked that the magnets holding the two halves together fell an hour into using the thing (a brand new product) and I disliked that it was so small making it difficult to hold onto comfortably but noted for this complaint that I might just have larger hands than the average user so their experience might be different.

When I go to this product page now my review is gone. When I click the “write a product review” button, I am greeted with:

>We apologize but Amazon is not accepting reviews on this product from this account. If you would like to contact us about this decision, please email .

The first time I got this was a few months back on another product I left a (to my mind) honest, fair, and otherwise innocuous review on. I e-mailed the community “help” address they list. After several days (so not automated, though the half-assed reply I got sure read like one) said my review violated “community standards” and pointed me towards some milquetoast “review guidelines”.

Another product I reviewed (one that the review hasn’t mysteriously disappeared on – yet) is this keychain multitool that I also rated 3 of 5 stars. This review is still live so I can copy/paste what was said verbatim.

>TITLE: Nice design, but with one major flaw

>I like the compact design and I like the variety of tools. What I don’t like is how one of the driver bits fell out after only carrying this thing for three weeks. The magnets that hold it in place are way too weak. Magnets either need to be way stronger or there needs to be a redesign of the outer shell to have maybe a little lip to keep the bits in place.

The first time this happened I relayed the story and had numerous friends and friends of friends on twitter and discord come back with their own very similar stories of less-than-stellar reviews mysteriously disappearing.

Ironically enough, shipping is pretty much the only thing I have never had a single problem with buying stuff through Amazon.