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gk68xs gk68x gk68 hot swappable Bluetooth Wire Wireless Dual Mode Custom Mechanical Keyboard RGB Switch LEDs Type c has Software (GK68xS White Case Kit x1)?

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25th Aug 2021

Hotswap is a pretty nice thing to have. Since Keychron doesn’t come in white, another option that occurred to me is to get an Epomaker GK68xs “barebones” (no switches or keycaps) and then buy the switches and caps that appeal to you. Should come in under $150 unless you go crazy with the caps 🙂 A bit more work than just getting a pre-built, but more custom.

If you consider this path LMK and I can provide some guidance on switches and also tuning the board (it sounds a bit “hollow” when you get it stock–I’ve owned one).