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GIVEROO Electric Coffee Bean Cooler 1.3lb coffee roaster 304 Stainless Steel Coffee Beans Cooling Machine 2 layers, (110V ONLY)?

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23rd Jul 2021

I’m not sure what is included in the VIP mode but if you need that to complete your roast or gain access to your data, I’d give it a hard pass. I also think that the capacity is a bit small, I’ve got a Huky 500 and it has enough capacity that I only need one batch a week. You’ll probably need multiple batches with this one. If your looking for a roaster with similar capabilities and capacity to see if this is something you’d be in to, I’d suggest The Hive with artisan support. It is MUCH less expensive, though I would also pick up a Bean Cooler similar to the one that comes with the sandbox. If you want to spend more on a roaster, shell out a bit more and get one with proper airflow and capacity like a Hottop or a Huky.